Crossing the legs is one of the worst postural habits of human being. You may be against my opinion for leg crossing seems the most common posture in all kinds of occasions both men and women. When men sit together to have a discussion, they all cross their legs no matter big celebrities or ordinary beings.

men who crossed legs

The same thing also happens on women. And sometimes, people consider that crossing legs is a safe, elegant and sexy gesture for women to adopt because this posture looks conservative and alluring when they wear dresses.

leg crossing

It seems to be graceful and attractive when ladies post this way as pictures show. Therefore, that’s why girls are taught to do like this by some so-called fashion people. However, they did not know that under the greatest appeal, the same greatest fraud exists. Why say so? Unlike most people think, crossing legs is really harmful to our legs and even the whole body.

1. Crossing legs usually cause varicose veins.

The reason why people will get this disease is caused by the bad nutrition and flood circulation of the muscles of legs and knees. And then when legs are crossed, the veins and capillaries of your lower legs are easily broken. The supply of blood is definitely threatened. When you are young, the bad effect will not show at once. As time passes, poor circulation will increase. Then you will get terrible varicose veins as you can see in the following pictures.

varicose veins

varicose veins

As a result,  to keep away from varicose veins break the habit of crossing legs now!

2. Habitual leg-crossing will lead to chronic soreness and pains on your back, shoulders and even the whole body.

To put it simply, leg-crossing usually makes your hips, spins, neck and head off balance. As we know, Yoga is spreading and popular all over the world. To some extent, Yoga is a kind of activity which adjusts the unbalance of our bodies to lessen the pains and discomfort.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of chronic pains, shake off the habit of crossing legs!

3. Crossing legs also adds the burden on our hearts.

That is to say, it threatens your heart health. Everyone in our planet knows that a heart attack makes so many losses their lives. Once, there is a renowned heart specialist claims that crossing legs puts an unnecessary burden on our hearts. We should keep it in mind to nip in the bud and get out of this bad habit of crossing legs from now on!

Ladies, you should be responsible for your health in your whole life span. If you want to enjoy happy and healthy long life time, please no leg crossing again! And also tell your male friends – No Leg Crossing!

No Leg Crossing

No Leg Crossing